Failure Diagnosis

90 % of all turbocharger failures are due to the following causes:

  • Penetration of foreign bodies into the turbine or the compressor
  • Dirt in the oil
  • Inadequate oil supply (oil pressure/filter system)
  • High exhaust gas temperatures (ignition system/injection system)
  • These failures can be avoided by regular maintenance. When maintaining the air filter system, for example, care should be taken that no foreign body gets into the turbocharger.

Before you approach to turbocharger disassembling from the engine, the following points should be checked:


  1. Black smoke?

  2. Blue smoke?

  3. Boost pressure too high?

  4. Compressor and turbine wheel damaged?

  5. Engine oil loss – high oil consumption?

  6. Engine power loss – boost pressure too low?

  7. Oil leakage at compressor?

  8. Oil leakage at turbine?

  9. Turbocharger generates noise?