How Visco Fan Works


Visco fans are used for engine cooling and consist of propeller and visco clutch. Depending on construction, clutch can be with mechanical or electric guidance. The mechanical guidance visco fans getting temperature from cooler and guidance of assembly is over bimetal which is built at visco clutch, while the electric have guidance over the control engine unit. Engine cooling, which can be guidance, as final effect has less noisy and the fuel consumption decreasing.

A new generation visco fans depending on engine requirement can have several different working levels therefore several rotation speeds.

Motion for rotation can receive directly from engine’s crankshaft or over belt’s system.

Besides visco fans for engine cooling are using electro-magnetic clutches, electro-hydraulic clutches, common propellers, and electric fans.

Visco fan’s failures are causing engine’s overheating, the fuel consumption expanded, expanded engine’s noise, unstable engine working temperature, and expanded engine vibration.